Launched in 1998 as one of I.T’s house brands, 5cm is the very incarnation of moody and nocturnal aesthetics with both high-end men’s and ladies’ offerings, which mesmerize devotees with its slender, blackened silhouettes and grunge androgynous decadency.


5cm has manifested its persistency on subtlety and fashion details along with the emphasis of sharp cutting. Sleek, three-dimensional cutting and drapery layering have been the highlighted details of Main Line collection over the years. Meanwhile, Tailor Line focuses on suit-tailoring, whilst fabrication, silhouettes, cuts and production are advanced for a new height of quality and style.


With an established leading position in Hong Kong menswear market, 5cm launched its first ladies’ collection at its 10th anniversary, delivering a comprehensive and stylish choice to the ladies’ market. 5cm has since penetrated throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Macao, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines with over 110 shops and lured a vividly growing number of followers to the 5cm cult.


Celebrating the brand’s 15th anniversary in 2013, 5cm proudly invited Terry Richardson, the world-renowned American fashion, portrait and documentary photographer, in producing the 15th Anniversary Ad Campaign starring Cole Mohr. Terry’s simple, direct and humorous signature shooting style meets with Cole’s natural body movements, facial expressions, tattoos and rebellious attitude. The grayscale campaign captures Cole’s bad boy and naughty characters, which serves as a perfect visual translation of the 5cm aesthetics.